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Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents are like automobile accidents in that there are many time sensitive deadlines, such as filing your No-Fault application to insure the victims medical costs and lost wages are reimbursed. In addition to the information necessary to be obtained in an automobile case, trucking cases have additional investigations and difficulties associated with them.

Most trucking companies have attorneys on staff who are immediately at the scene speaking to witnesses and collecting evidence. Consequently, it is important that you also should have an attorney and a team of investigators to thoroughly investigate the vehicles involved in the accident, as well as any individuals who may have witnessed the accident. Further, trucking companies are required to keep drivers logs and other documents which need to be obtained and preserved before they are lost or destroyed. Further investigation is necessary into the drivers training, the past drivers history, including prior accidents, adequate sleeping, and possible use of any medication or drugs.

Finally there are many laws unique to the trucking industry and trucking accidents which are intended to protect motorists on the public highways and prevent these accidents. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with a truck or tractor trailer, please call us with any questions or to schedule a meeting.